A reverse compression cycle machine (M) comprising an evaporator (9), a compressor (1) and a condenser (3) arranged in series along a path of a working fluid in the machine (M), further comprising a boundary layer turbine (7) placed between the condenser (3) and the evaporator (9), said turbine (7) comprising: a set of power disks (30) mounted on a shaft (33) which rotates inside a volume of a rotor casing (53), an inlet opening (70) for introducing a working fluid in a stator volume (51), a stator nozzle (52), which accelerates the flow in a direction that is tangential to the power disks (30), a discharge (73) of a working fluid, the rotor casing (53) comprising a drain (71, 72) of a liquid fraction of said working fluid from the peripheral part of the power disks in order to avoid its concentration in the peripheral part of the volume of said rotor casing.